Benefits of the Fabric Softener and Mothball Mix

Thoroughly cleans and refreshes cupboards.

Leaves a lasting, pleasant fragrance.

Simple and cost-effective alternative to other cleaning agents.

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Ingredients for the Fabric Softener and Mothball Mix:

30g mothballs

1 liter boiling water

1 liter room temperature water

150 ml spirit vinegar

50 ml detergent

2 caps concentrated fabric softener

How to Create Grandma's Secret Mix:

Crush mothballs in a sealed plastic bag.

Dissolve mothballs in boiling water.

Stir in vinegar, detergent, and fabric softener.

Add room temperature water.

Transfer to a spray bottle for use.

Spray on furniture and wipe clean for a remarkably effective cleaning solution. This is just the beginning; I'll be sharing more daily tips to revolutionize your home care routine!