Christmas Munch is a festive and tasty holiday treat that blends the rich taste of white chocolate with the airy crispness of puffcorn or popcorn. This recipe is a hit at Christmas parties, offering a sweet addition to your holiday festivities. Its roots lie in classic caramel corn but with a simpler, more convenient preparation, making it a modern holiday favorite.

Serving Suggestions
Serve Christmas Munch in a large bowl or on a platter for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Alternatively, portion it into individual bags for easy snacking. Pair it with warm hot chocolate or spiced apple cider for a cozy treat. Complement it with a variety of holiday cookies or a fresh fruit tray for a well-rounded and delightful offering.

Christmas Munch Recipe


1 bag of puffcorn or popcorn (9 ounces), or your preferred corn puff variety
9 squares of almond bark
Festive sprinkles or colored sugar for garnish (optional)
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