Removing Splinters: For splinter removal, use a bottle filled with hot water almost to the brim. Place the affected area on the bottle's mouth. The suction and steam will help draw out the splinter.

Reviving Wilted Cut Flowers: Revive drooping flowers by immersing the stems in hot water until it cools. Then, trim the stems and place them in cool water as usual.

Boiling Potatoes Perfectly: For "dry and floury" potatoes, add a pinch of salt and sugar to the boiling water. Once cooked, drain and dry them in the pot over heat, occasionally shaking the pot for even dryness.

Predicting Weather: Watch a distant cloud early in the morning. If it enlarges, expect unsettled, rainy weather. If it shrinks, the day should be pleasant.

Fitting a Large Candle: Soften the base of an oversized candle in hot water, then press it into the candlestick for a snug fit.

Lighting a Match in Windy Conditions: Carve thin shavings towards a match's striking end. When lit, these shavings will ignite quickly, making the flame stronger and more wind-resistant.

Safely Collecting Broken Glass: Use a damp cloth to safely gather broken glass pieces. Dispose of the glass with the cloth if it's an old rag.

Boiling Cracked Eggs: Add a bit of vinegar to the water when boiling cracked eggs. This prevents the contents from leaking out, cooking them as if they were intact.

These age-old hacks, still applicable today, not only connect us to the past but also offer handy solutions for everyday challenges.