Ever been baffled by the packaging choices of different products? Consider this: underwear and socks, items not typically consumed, are neatly tucked inside resealable bags. Yet, snacks like potato chips, which could benefit from such a feature, aren't. What gives? Let's delve into the rationale behind these packaging decisions.

Preserving Hygiene and Freshness:
Firstly, the resealable nature of underwear and sock packaging predominantly caters to hygiene. As these items snuggle close to our skin, it's essential they remain uncontaminated by external factors like dust and moisture. Resealable bags ensure that these items remain untouched until you decide to wear them.
Conversely, potato chips are more forgiving of their environment. Their packaging leans more towards grab-and-go convenience, and the assumption is you'll polish off a bag once opened, making resealability less crucial.

Meeting Consumer Expectations:

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