When to sow pepper seeds in 2023? Favorable dates


If you dream of trying peppers all year round, even in winter, know that it is quite possible to plant them at home. By following our guide, you can grow these juicy vegetables in the comfort of your home and enjoy their sweet and fruity flavor any time of the year. Today we show you how to sow and plant peppers indoors and give your palate an explosion of flavor.

Not having your own garden or vegetable garden does not mean that you have to deprive yourself of good vegetables grown by yourself. Gardening, even in an apartment, is quite possible! This is the case of peppers and peppers already ready to be planted in pots. We show you how to do it step by step!

Gardening with the Moon: the influence on sowing, growing and harvesting


Before undertaking gardening activities, it is necessary to observe   the movements of the moon   and its position in the sky. In fact, if you respect the different cycles of nature, you will benefit from the beneficial influence of the lunar star on your plants. If you are wondering how is this possible? Take a look, below:

  • Waxing Moon:   During this lunar phase, plants are more vigorous and resistant to diseases. Ideal time to   prune, harvest and collect fruits and vegetables for better conservation.
  • Waning Moon   – During this period, plants are less vigorous and crops are less abundant. However, fruits and vegetables have richer aromas and flowers give off a more intense fragrance. Good time to   plow and fertilize the land  .
  • Crescent moon:   When the night star rises high in the sky, the branches overflow with life energy. The best time to enjoy   grafting, germination, sowing seeds and harvesting fruits  .
  • Descending moon:   when the moon declines, the sap of plants gradually withdraws until it reaches the roots. This is the perfect time to   transplant, root cuttings, promote layering, sowing and planting seedlings.

Planting and growing peppers in your garden and orchard with the Moon: what are the favorable dates?

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