The lunch lady used to cook this, and I feared the recipe was lost. Thankfully, I stumbled upon it, and it's tastier than ever!


Unearth the sumptuous pairing of raspberry's sweetness and coconut's tropical flair in the Raspberry Jam Coconut Slice. A dessert born from the British heritage of slice cakes, this treat promises both simplicity and rich flavors. Whether you're hosting a family brunch or just unwinding with an afternoon tea, this slice fits the bill perfectly.

Imagine relishing this slice with a hot beverage – the balance of flavors is truly soothing. A dust of powdered sugar elevates its visual appeal and taste. Or, why not serve it with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream? The creamy undertone perfectly contrasts with the textured richness of coconut and raspberry.

Here's how you whip it up:


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