The Benefit of an "Untidy" Bed

Leaving your bed unmade can actually be healthier! Letting it air out, especially with the morning sun, dehydrates and kills off dust mites. If the sight of a tousled bed irks you, leaving it messy for a few hours can still curb the mite population.

Other Dust Mite Busters:

Bedding Care: Regular hot water washes and using protective mattress covers help.

Source: Dust Mite Proof Mattress Covers / Shutterstock

Carpets and Furniture: Mites love these too. Regular vacuuming, especially in the hidden nooks, can keep them at bay.

Dehumidifiers: Installing one in your home, either standalone or part of your central system, reduces humidity and discourages mite proliferation.

Source: Allergy & Air

Should You Panic?

Not really. Dust mites are ubiquitous; every home has them. However, the above steps can minimize their numbers and the associated allergy symptoms.

In summary, sometimes, a bit of untidiness can be beneficial. Your unmade bed might just be the health boost you need!