The orange is one of the most delicious fruits  both to eat and to make drinks, infusions, sweet recipes and savory recipes. But  in addition, its plant is very beautiful, decorative and will fill your home with a rich aroma.

This wonderful and nutritious fruit rich in vitamin C, fiber, protein and much more is very easy to plant and in  today’s article we will tell you step by step so you can sprout an orange in a cup . Hands on the ground!

How to sprout an orange🍊

1- Get the seeds

The process of getting seeds is quite simple and you will only need an orange to do it. You can use the seeds of an orange that you consume and continue to bring life with that same fruit.

The most practical thing is  to remove the seeds from the oranges and place them in a glass of water for a while, then remove the thin film that covers them  and once you remove them they will be ready to be planted.

2- Prepare the cup to place the seeds in it

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