1. Fresh Air: Begin by airing out the house. Open the windows and turn on the ceiling fans if available. This will help in releasing the trapped odors.

2. Wash All Fabric: Remove all the fabric items like bedding, curtains, towels, and smaller rugs. Wash them in a hot water cycle. Some stubborn smells might require a second round of washing.

3. Upholstery Deep-Clean: For items too big for a washing machine, like furniture, carpets, or mattresses, sprinkle baking soda generously. Baking soda helps in absorbing odors. After letting it sit for a few hours, vacuum thoroughly.

Video Tutorial: David Wolfe / Clean My Space on YouTube

4. Clean Hard Surfaces: Cigarette residue tends to stick everywhere. Ensure you clean countertops, floors, baseboards, and walls. Use a mix of hot soapy water or, for more robust cleaning, try solutions like PineSol. Always remember to keep the space ventilated when using potent cleaners.

5. Vinegar Bread Trick: A quirky yet effective trick is soaking white bread in vinegar and placing it on plates throughout your home. As the bread absorbs the vinegar, it also pulls in the lingering odors. A day later, discard the bread.

Tutorials & Inspiration: Natural Cures/YouTube and Household Hacker/YouTube

6. Change Air Filters: Lastly, replace the air filters in your home. This ensures that clean, fresh air circulates throughout your living spaces.

Though eliminating cigarette odors demands a bit of elbow grease, by following these steps, you'll pave the way to a fresher, cleaner home environment.