How to detect early signs of dementia and how to combat it


Key Early Signs of Dementia Include:

Short-term memory loss: Noting issues with thinking and memory.

Difficulty finding words: Struggling with speech and finding words.

Changes in mood or behavior: Experiencing anxiety, depression, and mood swings possibly due to fluctuations in serotonin and dopamine.

Difficulty following conversations: Issues in comprehending discussions in various settings.

Problems managing money: Struggling with basic arithmetic and financial management.

Loss of interest in hobbies: Disengaging from previously enjoyed activities and hobbies.

Proactive Steps to Foster Brain Health:

Adopt a Mediterranean Diet: A diet rich in omega-3, whole grains, olive oil, and fresh produce, has been recognized by Everyday Health as one of the most beneficial for brain health.

Embrace Antioxidants: Including green tea, caffeine in coffee, and curcumin in turmeric which are associated with enhanced memory and reduced Alzheimer's risk.

Exercise Regularly: A study spanning almost 40 years, involving 19,000 participants, as per Everyday Health, established a direct link between cardiovascular fitness and dementia risk.

Ensure Sufficient Sleep: Adequate sleep helps the body naturally clear the brain of toxic plaque, making eight hours of sleep nightly, and naps when needed, crucial.

Engage in New Learning: Adopting new languages, instruments, reading, memory games, and puzzles are excellent ways to keep the brain active and challenged.

As you navigate through understanding and managing dementia, focusing on enhancing and preserving brain health becomes paramount. Always ensure to consult professional medical advice when health uncertainties arise and share your journey and knowledge with others who might benefit.