These pits contain essentials for plant growth such as potassium, calcium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Clearly, they hold the essence of what plants need for optimal growth and prolific blossoming. Here’s how to harness the power of avocado pits for your green companions.

Harnessing Avocado's Potential:

To utilize an avocado pit as a powerful plant enhancer:

Preparation: After eating the avocado, remove and clean the pit. Once free from pulp, let it dry for a bit.

Grating: Using a grater, grate the majority of the pit, leaving a small portion intact for later.

Blending: Place the grated pit in a blender, add 400 ml of room temperature water, and a spoonful of vinegar (which acts as a catalyst for nutrients). Blend for around three minutes.

Add More Water: Introduce another 600 ml of room temperature water to the blend and blend for an additional two minutes.

Straining: You’ll get a foamy mixture. Using a strainer, sieve the mixture to remove any residue.

Avocado Fertilizer – Application & Benefits:

The strained residue can be directly added to plant soil, acting as a powerful fertilizer. Meanwhile, the liquid mixture can be used to water your plants, rejuvenating them in no time.

This nutrient-rich concoction can be used for a variety of plants including anthuriums, geraniums, and orchids, irrespective of whether they're indoors or on the balcony. Thanks to this method, your plants will not only thrive but also bloom spectacularly. Remember, with every avocado you enjoy, there’s potential fertilizer in its pit. Never throw it away again!