Embrace a symphony of sweetness with one of the most cherished flavor duos: chocolate and caramel! From the much-loved Twix bars to scrumptious ice creams, cakes, and cookies, this classic tandem never fails to delight. Upon discovering Caramelitas, it was evident they’d be an instant hit. After some tinkering to perfect the cookie to chocolate and caramel ratio, the ultimate sinful bar was crafted. Add these tantalizing bars to your recipe repertoire and wonder how you ever lived without them!

While the recipe may appear slightly more complex than your regular cookie preparation at first glance, rest assured, these indulgent bars come together in under an hour. Begin by blending the dry ingredients with melted butter, forming a crumbly mixture. Press half into an 8x8 baking dish to craft a crust and allow it to bake briefly. Meanwhile, melt caramels with heavy cream, stirring until luxuriously smooth.


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