Insects in a home can be a source of great discomfort and annoyance. Whether it's the buzz of flies, the itching from mosquito bites, or concerns about the bacteria cockroaches carry, nobody wants these critters inside. But, before reaching out for harmful commercial insecticides, it's good to know that there are eco-friendly and health-conscious ways to address these intruders.

DIY Solutions for Common Pests:

DIY Insect Traps:

Apple Cider Vinegar Trap:

What You Need: Cider/balsamic vinegar, liquid dishwashing detergent, a glass bowl, plastic wrap, and a toothpick.

How To: Pour 2-3 cm of vinegar in the bowl, add some detergent and mix. Cover with plastic wrap and puncture with a toothpick. Insects are attracted to the vinegar but are trapped due to the detergent.

Fruit Trap:

How To: Put an overripe fruit in a bowl, cover tightly with plastic wrap and punch small holes using a toothpick. Fruit flies enter but cannot escape.

Natural Insecticide Spray:

Ingredients: Equal parts of vinegar, olive oil, and shampoo.

How To: Mix in a spray bottle and spray around infested areas.

Lavender Essential Oil Repellent:

How To: Place a few drops of lavender essential oil on a sponge and keep it in insect-prone areas. Refresh as needed.

Lemon & Clove Repellent:

How To: Cut a green lemon in half and stick about fifteen cloves into each half. This mixture repels mosquitoes and flies. Replace weekly.

Plants that Repel Insects:

Against Mosquitoes: Lemon balm, lemon thyme, small-leaved basil, and Dalmatian pyrethrum.

Against Flies: Tuberous chervil, basil, and warbler mint.

Against Cockroaches: Bay leaves (strategically placed).

Proactive Measures to Deter Insects:

To prevent or reduce insect invasions, consider the following:

Store food in airtight containers.

Keep your kitchen clean, especially after meals.

Remove food remnants and crumbs promptly.

Ensure the trash can is closed and emptied regularly.

Wash dishes immediately after eating.

Don't leave out standing water in dishes.

Maintain clean cooking areas and appliances.

Repair water leaks as soon as they appear.

Clean and ventilate your home often, including air vents.


Insects may be a part of the natural ecosystem, but that doesn't mean they should share our living spaces. By using these natural solutions and maintaining a clean home environment, you can enjoy a comfortable and pest-free home.