2. The Red Wine Method

Source: Achill Cottages

Our little winged nuisances have a penchant for anything sweet and acidic. When you've nearly finished a bottle of red wine, leave a smidge at the bottom. Keep the bottle open overnight, and by morning, you'll find a number of fruit flies trapped inside.

3. Lemon Lure

Source: VideoBlocks

Grab a lemon and slice a piece. Squeeze the juice into a container and throw the slice in as well. As with the vinegar method, cover with plastic wrap, poke small holes, and watch the trap work its magic.

4. The Boozy Banana Bait

Source: Curbly

This method comes highly recommended. Allow a banana to ripen until it's almost bad. Slice it, ensuring you have some peel, and place it in a large jar. Add a splash of beer over the banana. Seal it with plastic wrap, perforate the top, and watch as fruit flies get drawn to this fruity cocktail.

5. Sweet Sugar Solution

Source: Bad Batch Baking

Melt some sugar in warm water or milk, ensuring it's well dissolved. Leave this sweet solution in a dish. The aroma will attract fruit flies, but the liquid will prove fatal for them.

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With these easy-to-implement methods, your home can be fruit fly-free in no time. Not only are these solutions effective, but they're also eco-friendly, making them a win-win for both you and the environment. Happy bug-busting!