Laurel is one of the most widely used and appreciated aromatic plants, especially in cooking. It has fragrant green leaves with which are also associated purifying properties and capable of attracting good luck and positive energy.

But this wonderful plant is also useful in so many household chores, especially those associated with neutralizing bad odors in various parts of the house.

The fresh and very pleasant aroma of laurel is exploited in the preparation of cleaning products, but also in cosmetics.

Laurel is also capable, among other things, of neutralizing bad odors, and our grandmothers knew this. It was very common among our grandmothers to put bay leaves in the refrigerator to neutralize odors.

The appearance of bad odors in the refrigerator is a very common problem, and the causes can be various. Usually it is foods that have a strong odor, such as cheese and fish, if not stored properly can spread an unpleasant aroma in the refrigerator.

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