An Ingenious Method to Clean Your Oven Overnight


Cleaning the oven can be a chore we all love to postpone. The thought of scraping away stubborn grease and burnt crumbs can be a tad overwhelming. However, here's a simple and green method that lets you sleep through most of the cleaning process, saving both time and energy. Wave goodbye to those pricey, chemical-laden oven cleaners and embrace this fuss-free method.

Why This Technique Rocks:
With just an ovenproof dish, some white vinegar, and sleep time, you can dream about an oven that shines and sparkles. No harsh chemicals, no endless scrubbing, and it’s even more energy-efficient than using the oven’s self-cleaning function.

Let's Get Started:

What you need:

Ovenproof dish

A saucepan

White vinegar and dish soap

Easy Steps:

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