9 Things To Avoid Putting Down A Garbage Disposal


Egg Shells: Contrary to popular belief, egg shells can be problematic. The membrane inside the shells can stick to the blades, leading to blockages. It's better to compost them.

Meat Bones: They're just too tough for the disposal. Bones can damage the blades or even jam the mechanism. Toss them in the trash.

Onion Skins: Soft and flexible, they often wrap around the blades instead of getting chopped up. It's safer to compost them.

Potato Skins: These can result in a thick, starchy paste when chopped up, leading to potential blockages. Composting is a better choice.

Coffee Grounds: They might seem harmless, but they can accumulate and cause clogs. It's eco-friendlier to compost them.

Grease: Never pour grease down the drain or disposal. It's a surefire way to clog your pipes. Store grease in a container and dispose of it once full.

Nuts: When ground, nuts can become a pasty substance that sticks to the disposal's interior. Keep them away from the system.

Grains: Pasta, rice, and oatmeal swell when they absorb water. This can lead to blocked pipes. Dispose of them in the trash.

"Hairy" Vegetables: Items like celery, corn husks, and pumpkin have fibrous strands that can entangle the blades. Composting them is a better option.

Always remember, the garbage disposal is a handy kitchen tool, but it's not a replacement for the trash can or compost bin. Being mindful of what goes down can ensure it works efficiently for years to come.