A sparkling clean kitchen always looks more inviting and pleasant. For this it is necessary to maintain hygiene in this room of the house, without forgetting its closets, which undergo rigorous tests. Between grease stains, food stains and oil splatters, this furniture is abused and often not properly cleaned.

We often think of cleaning all the kitchen items but forget to clean the cabinet doors. Over time, the accumulated grease and dirt will become more stubborn and difficult to remove. We’ll show you how to quickly and effectively get rid of that buildup of grease on your kitchen cabinets.

Clean the cabinets dish

soap and white vinegar to clean the cabinet doors.

Dish soap is a gentle way to clean and degrease all surfaces. When combined with white vinegar, a powerful cleaning agent, its effectiveness increases many times over. And with good reason, because vinegar is an excellent degreaser and disinfectant. Grease and dirt stains on your cupboards are now a thing of the past.

To use this method you will need :

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