This keto cheese bread is made with a simple yeast-free dough and topped with two types of cheese! Made with only 5 ingredients, the complete recipe takes less than 10 minutes!
The MVP menu item at any classic Italian restaurant isn't pizzeria or pizza. It's not tiramisu or ice cream either. Nothing comes close to cheese and garlic breadsticks.
Before I started the keto diet, there was more than one occasion where I finished an entire meal of cheesy breadsticks on my own and still had room for my appetizers. I always have a second stomach for anything with carbs and cheese and this one was no exception.
Now, if we analyze correctly what this dish is, it is basically an oval shaped pizza dough topped with melted cheese. Since going keto, I haven't cut these foods out of my diet. On the contrary, they are more present. As someone who still loves bagels and cheese pizza, recreating this popular bagel was a no-brainer.

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