It's that point of yr whilst the air receives crisp, and we begin yearning all of the tastes of fall: cinnamon, maple, nuts, and of course, candy potatoes. So let's bring them together! We have the perfect dish to do just that, too: Hasselback Maple Pecan Sweet Potatoes.

The Hasselback method is one of our favorites - remember the Hasselback Smoked Potatoes, Hasselback Chicken, and Easy Baked Hasselback Apples?! - This is the perfect way to get all that flavor infused with delicious orange potatoes.

Plus, the slicing and baking method gives the sweet potato an amazing combination of creamy and crunchy, which is the epitome of a fall food. We can't praise this enough, so let's stop talking and start cooking! Watch us make it, then read on for the recipe.


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