°3 pounds boneless, skinless chicken thigh
°1 cup soy sauce
°1 cup of water
°1 cup of sugar.
°5 crushed garlic cloves
°1 ginger root (2-3 slices, thinly cut lengthwise)

*How to Make:

In a large bowl, combine the water and soy sauce and add the sugar to dissolve. Adding desired amount of ginger & garlic, then adding chicken.
You can soak meat in marinade for up to 3 days, if you are in  hurry, you need to soak it for at least 24 h.
If you can't wait, boilling chicken in sauce right after making it.
Grill the chicken like any other meat over high heat, then put it in a pan on the grill. Adding some fresh teriyaki sauce to pan and it will steam grilled chicken so chicken is tender & juicy.

Enjoy !