Today, we're going to share an effortless strategy that will help you eradicate mold and unwanted odors from your washing machine. The secret ingredient is tea tree oil, an essential oil native to Australia with a rich history of usage.

Indigenous Australians have used tea tree oil for centuries by crushing the leaves of the plant and applying them as a remedy for skin wounds and burns. Tea tree oil's distinctive therapeutic properties are exclusive and cannot be naturally found anywhere else on the planet.

About a century ago, Australian scientists discovered that tea tree oil has disinfectant properties 100 times more potent than carbolic acid, which was the most popular germicide at that time. The oil's strong antiseptic qualities can address various respiratory issues ranging from asthma to a runny nose. In addition, it can effectively treat skin rashes, burns, infections, and dandruff, amongst other things. It also acts as a disinfectant, eliminating bacteria and mold from surfaces.

Here's how you can utilize tea tree oil to get rid of mold in your home:

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