The traditional recipe for real Scottish snowballs. Delicious rolls stuffed with jam and coated with coconut frosting.

We have a few recipes that Granny decided to share here at Baking with Granny (and some I keep pestering her to give me too!). One of the things she wanted to rework, modernize and perfect before she shared it was...the Scottish snowballs.

Now, when grandma started telling me about snowballs, I was convinced she was talking about chocolate-coconut-marshmallow-covered snowballs made by Tunnocks. And she's amazing on her own, let's be honest! But no, Grandma was talking about her snowball cakes that she made at the bakery over 3 decades ago.

Scottish snowballs are a completely different treat, and they're just as delicious. One that Grandma remembers fondly, both of which were made at the bakery and have seen many customers enjoy them, too. And when she shared a preview of it on Instagram, I was surprised and delighted to see how many people knew what they were and were patiently waiting to post this recipe!


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