If you're looking for a new excuse to eat one of the best pies in the world, then look no further. April 14 is National Pecan Day.

Created by the National Pecan Shellers Association in 1996, it is a way of celebrating the multiple uses of the seed native to Mexico and the southern United States. But also to celebrate pecan desserts. Described as offering a rich and buttery taste, its use is quite versatile and can be used in both the preparation of a sweet and savory meal. In this post on Dessert Advisor, you can already imagine what type of preparation we are going to talk to you about.


A few facts about pecans

Before we start telling you about some sweet recipes, why not let you in on some interesting facts we found during our research. The pecan tree, used in the manufacture of furniture and flooring, was declared in 1906 as the symbol of Texas. Not to be forgotten especially when you know that it is also the state of grilled meat. And in fact, you can use the pieces of wood to smoke meat. This wood will give it a more pronounced sweet taste than other fruit trees and similar to hickory.

If you ever decide to visit Albany, Georgia, the pecan capital of North America, you will find no less than 600,000 pecan trees there. Also note that this city used to organize the national pecan festival each year during which various parades and contests took place, such as that of the best dish made from pecans, or the contest of the national pecan queen. But if you're not into pecan queens and smoked meat, you might want to know about the different desserts.

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