My kids are going back to school this week. I feel like summer has just ended. Soon, fall will be here and then the holidays. Time is running. I cook breakfast for dinner a lot in the colder months. My family really loves all kinds of breakfast foods.

School mornings can be very busy for us. We have kids who need to transition to college all the way, including those who go to high school.

Then we have the other one who needs to be taken to the morning therapy sessions. As we leave early (the first person leaves the gate at 7 am), I need breakfasts that everyone can eat on their way to the gate. I used to buy a roll shop for everyone. I realized I could make homemade muffins using store-bought croissants for quick and easy breakfasts. I always buy Half Moon Rolls when they are on sale so I can keep many recipes on hand.

This easy Danish recipe with cream cheese is perfect for a smoothie in the morning. I can make it in minutes the night before, then have it on the counter and ready to eat on the way to school. This is one of those recipes where the plates are always empty when everyone leaves to start the day. I've made these several times for holiday lunches and they always have one. I can also add pancake for more flavor options!

If you're a Danish fan, you might want to check out the apple cheese growth ring recipe or even the cherry cream cheese growth ring. She is very popular among the Danish fans. The individual rings and cupcakes are great for feeding a crowd. It can be served for breakfast, lunch, or even as a dessert.


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