The reason why should spread salt around house

The snow is melting and nature is reclaiming its rights, and with it come ants and other insects that invade our homes. As long as they are in the grass, they do not bother us, but when the entrance, foundation and windows of the house are full of ants, we look for a solution to keep them away.

So, don't wait until they meet before you act!

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To keep ants away, sprinkle the perimeter of the soil with coarse salt. Place it near windows and all openings leading into the house.

Indoors, pour a line of table salt along the walls where ants usually enter your home, including window sills, wardrobes, wardrobes, etc.

Salt repels ants: it is an economical ingredient when purchased in large quantities and is safe for the environment. Salt is also known to kill weeds, so you will kill two birds with one stone!