Garlic-Butter Steak & Potatoes-Skillet

Appetizer grilled in a skillet and garlic butter, served with sauteed potatoes and oven-baked tomatoes, flavored with Provence herbs.

* Ingredients :

°garlic clove 2 piece
°900g  potatoes
°1 piece leek
°0. five bunch flat-leaf parsley
°three cl of sunflower oil
°6 pinch(s) fleur de sel
°6 tower(s) of pepper mill
°a hundred and eighty gm unsalted butter
°Tomato(s) three
°five grams of Provence herbs
°1 centiliter of olive oil
°three pinch of first-rate salt

* Preparation :

To put together garlic butter
Chop garlic, shallot & parsley.
Letting butter soften at room temperature to you get call"ointment. Then including garlic additionally shallots, & 1/2 of the chop parsley.
Spreading butter with  spoon, & wrapping mix in plastic wrapping to shape sausage. Then preserving it in refrigerator.
For tomatoes and potatoes
Heat the oven to 200°C. Heat a solid iron skillet.
Cut the tomatoes into 2. Salt and pepper and sprinkle with olive oil, then sprinkle with herbs from Provence.
Cutting garlic to tranches lices the using of mandolin, & placing slice on each tomato.
Baking tomatoes for 20 min, to toast.
Boilling potatoes in salt boil water for 11 min.
Heat a fry pan with sunflower oil spray.
Then putting off from warmth and end cooking in oven for 10 min. & leaving, season with flowers & sprinkling with parsley.
To cook the entrecote
Add a touch fleur de sel, then pour in sunflower oil.
Place the beef at the grill and flip it over best once, once it's far cooked for your liking.
to tame
Serve the beef with garlic butter slice, French fries and Provencal tomatoes.
3 pinch of fine salt

Enjoy !