Banana Brownies Cake

I come returned with a recipe for banana brownies, due to the fact bananas which might be too ripe or forgotten at the lowest of the fruit basket ought to now no longer be thrown away. 

Aside from banana bread, that is by no means too past due to devour at home, this chocolate cake recipe is right here to place it in your favourite finances and meals list.

What will we put in it? 

°2 bananas
°250 gm chocolate
°one hundred twenty gm satisfactory sugar
°one hundred fifty grams butter
°three eggs
°60 grams flour
°1 sachet of vanilla sugar

* How will we do?

Preheat the oven to 180°C
Melt the chocolate in a double boiler and upload the butter
Beat all egg with sugar // vanilla sugar
Mashing bananas with  fork. And upload it to the melted chocolate with butter. blend a little
Add the candy eggs and blend nicely.
Mix the flour, the dough ought to be shiny. Mix the flour with the opposite elements nicely, the brownie will now no longer fall apart while baked
Grease a mildew with butter (ideally a rectangular and placed a spoonful of flour in it, shaking nicely in all instructions in order that the flour settles at the butter, and the brownie will now no longer stick with the dish. 
Pour the aggregate into the mould.
Put the dish withinside the oven for 30 minutes.
Once the time has elapsed, get rid of the dish from the oven. Letting cake cool & refrigerate for 1 hour.
When the time is up, take the banana cake out of the refrigerator and reduce it into small squares.
Optional: sprinkle with powdered sugar

Enjoy !