Easter is a week-long trip with restrictions on meals, which can seem overwhelming to many local chefs. After all, the chance of 7 consecutive days of matzo no longer excites the inner gastronomical individual of the individual. Believe it or not now, I'll stay up to the task of making simple, hearty dishes for the health of the holiday and the flavor of my family. When Tropicana approached me to discover their approved Easter juice line and provide you with a mouthwatering recipe, I turned to work to offer you a try.

* ingredients :

° 1 liter orange soda
° 6 oz. condensed milk

* Methods :

Mix the orange soda and condensed milk in a large bowl and stir until the milk is combined, if you are using an ice cream maker, pour the mixture and start mixing, you can stir the bubbles in the baking soda and thicken the liquid.  For an hour, partially freeze and transfer to a baking tray, then freeze for 6-8 hours until firm, and if you're not using an ice cream maker, use a baking tray instead of the mixture and freeze.  After an hour, stir the mixture and put it inside the freezer. Repeat the procedure every hour, stirring at least twice before enjoying.

Enjoy !