The first layer chicken salad, First Layer, is a normal seven-layer salad.Layers of lettuce, peppers, corn, tomatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, fried thistles, and chopped bacon.Everyone wears homemade cream salad dressing.

It's not the most effective showing off, but it's a complete meal on its own. In the summer, I want to serve it on picnics and in winter weather with soup and warming garlic bread.

* ingredients :

° One recipe with avocado and lemon ranch dressing or garlic and herbs in milk
° Cups Chop green leaves or romaine lettuce into coarse slices
° 1 large purple pepper, seeded and diced
° 1 large poblano or green pepper, seeded and diced
° 1 frozen steamed corn
° 6 medium-sized tomatoes, 5 chopped and sliced, for garnish
° 1 purple onion, thinly sliced
° 2½ cups cheddar cheese
° ½ cooked p cooked, bacon crumbled° Four cups of grilled chuck, coarsely chopped
° 3 green onions, chop
° 2 large boiled eggs, cut into slices

* Directions  :

In a huge trellis bowl or a custom-made glass bowl: lettuce, ½ purple pepper, ½ poblano pepper, ⅓ corn, ½ tomato, ½ purple onion, 1 cup cheese, bacon and forks. Add ing1/2 cup of structured sauce.

Freshly 1/4 lettuce,  / /1/4 pepper purple, //poblano pepper,. 1/3 corn, /tomato, onion/, 1 c cheese, 1/3 bacon/chuck.
Adding ½ lettuce, corn, / cup cheese, bacon / slice ​​green onions. Sprinkling ½ c dripping sauce on edge. Organize egg / tomato wedges on top decorate.

Refriigerate 4 hours, serving with  larger sauce on side.

** notes
A fancy salad dressing or a package of Hidden Valley Buttermilk Ranch sauce made according to package directions can be substituted for the sauce on this salad.

Enjoy !