10 surprising yet miraculous uses of onions


If you avoid onions due to their tendency to cause tears in the eyes and bad breath, you are missing out on the countless benefits that this bloated root vegetable has to offer! In addition to plenty of vitamin C and fiber, onions provide a significant amount of quercetin, a flavonoid known for its ability to eliminate free radicals in the body and reduce the risks of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and several types of cancer.
Regardless of the nutritional benefits, onions are great at home for surprising everyday uses that won't make your breath smell bad:
1. Insect repellent. The smell of onions annoys insects too, so use their pungent smell! A plate of sliced ​​onions wherever ants or moths are in your home will make them disappear, according to WonderHowTo and Living Traditionally. Keep bugs off your body by rubbing yourself with a freshly cut onion before heading outside - of course, you'll also likely repel some of your fellow humans!

(Onions are also sometimes used as a dog or cat repellent, to teach pets to stay away from certain areas of the home. However, onions are highly toxic to pets so this method is not recommended.)
2. Bandage for minor wounds. Onion peels are thin and thin, and will stick to the skin to help stop the bleeding, according to a traditional report. There is no need to apply an antiseptic first, as onions have natural antiseptic properties.

3. Dye for crafts. Fill a pair of stockings with red or yellow onion skin and tie it off, as shown in this graphic from WonderHowTo. Boil the peels in a saucepan or pot of water for 20-30 minutes, then remove the socks.
4. Anti-nausea elixir. extract the juice from the white or yellow onion and drink 2 teaspoons at a time; Alternatively, drink two teaspoons of cold peppermint tea and leave it for five minutes in between each.
5. The odor neutralizer. Finely chopped and slightly ground onions absorb unpleasant odors, especially from fresh paint or varnish. Simply place the slices in a bowl with a little water, I recommend Reader's Digest, and leave them in the middle of the room.
6. Barbecue cleaning device. This easy tip comes from Care2: Cut an onion in half and pierce it with a strong fork. When the grill is on low heat, rub the grills with onions until clean and ready to use!
7. Sniff the salts. Combat dizziness by placing a fresh onion under the nose of a person who is feeling unsettled. As Reader's Digest points out, this is especially useful if it happens at a party or at a restaurant.
8. Rusty knife cleaner. Remove rust from an old knife by chopping the onion a few times until the blade is clean, advises WonderHowTo. Or do it the way Reader's Digest suggests: by piercing the vegetables with frequent stabbing motions.
9. Splinter remover. The annoying splinters that refuse to be squeezed can be eliminated with onions. Use masking tape to secure a small slice of raw onion to the site of the splinter. Care2 explains that holding it in place for an hour should be enough to remove the splinter; WonderHowTo recommends leaving the onions in place overnight.
10. Stopping windshield from freeze . Rub the glass with fresh onions the night before, WonderHowTo says, and your windshield will remain frost-free.
With powerful disease-fighting flavonoids and so many amazing uses around the house, it seems like you can't eat too many onions! Share this article, then tell us your miracle onion stories in the comments below.