Dip the fruits in cream and delicious to dip in all your favorite fruits! It is quick to prepare and only consists of two ingredients. This drop is amazing!

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I can't remember where I got this recipe from because I make it forever !!  I could probably eat the whole bowl myself because it is so addictive, so beware! 😉 You can't beat a 2-ingredient treat that tastes so good! We love to dip strawberries, apples, and banana slices in them. It is known that I eat it with a spoon! Hectare. This is a great snack to serve at any party too. It's always fun for the crowd! I usually triple the recipe because I know one batch is never enough.


* Ingredients :


° 1 8-oz. Soft cream cheese package

° 1 7 oz. Marshmallow cream jar

° Variety of fruits for dipping strawberry, banana, apple, etc.


* Instructions :


Put cream cheese and marshmallow cream in a medium bowl. Using an electric whisk, beat on medium speed until smooth and creamy. Serve instantly with all your favorite fruits!